IP Security Interface Module

Have you ever left home or work and wondered to yourself.... "now then, did I turn the alarm on?"

Well wonder no more! With the Envisaink 4 and your smart phone, you'll now be able to check. And not only check, but arm it and disarm it, bypass zones, be notified when people are coming and going by receiving notifications of armings and disarmings by others and of course, alarm notifications too.


And you'll be able to do all of this from anywhere in the world. As long as your smart phone or 'pad' device is connected to the internet, you'll always be able to see, and change, the status of your alarm system.


Don't worry if someone tries to play with your alarm via your phone either, because unless they know your alarm user code, they won't be able to do anything because all changes still require your alarm code to make them happen.


Just think of it! Get notifications of alarms. Know when the kids are home from school. Know when the first person arrives at work and when the last person leaves. If you've left a key with a friend or tradesman for your home, you can now disarm the alarm to let them into the house from wherever you are, without them needing to know a code.


You don't even need a working telephone line to your premises. All you need is a modem/router connected to the internet, either hardwired or wireless, with one spare LAN connection and we'll be able to set you up in no time at all.


Best of all, you'll have complete security and total freedom with no on-going costs.


Talk to us today to find out about what the EnvisaLink 4 can do for you. It's compatible with nearly all DSC Power series alarm panels that we've been installing since 1998.