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Monitoring Services Terms and Conditions

1. Billing for monitoring services is handled by Intervision Security and is charged either Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly. Each Monitored customer may choose their preferred billing period. Should the customer not choose one of the above listed periods, or not have a preference, then the default billing period of Quarterly will be applied. All periods are in standard calendar periods except Yearly, where the billing date will be the 12 month anniversary date of the day that the monitoring service commenced, unless changed by agreement and consent between the customer and Intervision Security to another billing date. Invoices are sent to customers either via post, email or both. Invoices will be sent to customers, where possible, using the customers preferred option of delivery method. It is the customers responsibility to inform Intervision Security of any changes to their preferred delivery method, or to the details of preferred method.


2. Payment for monitoring services is required in advance of the period chosen. Invoices are printed on the first day of the immediately preceding month of monitoring service period and are sent to the customer so that they should arrive at the customers billing address, by no later than the 16th day of that month. Payment for monitoring services is required by the 28th day of the month that immediately precedes the period of monitoring service. Example: For the quarterly monitoring service period of April to June 2008, invoices would have been printed on the 1st March 2008 and should have arrived at the customers billing address by no later than 16th March 2008, with FULL payment due by 28th March 2008. No exception is made should the 28th day of the month fall on a weekend.


3. Intervision Security may offer you a grace period, should the invoice not be paid by the due date. The grace period may be different for each customer, but will be between 1 to 70 days inclusive, from the date of the original invoice date. If payment is not received by the final acceptable date as solely determined by Intervision Security, then Intervision Security may seek payment from the customer by commissioning a debt collection agency to recover any outstanding amounts. In the event of the account being in default and being referred to an external party for collection the customer shall be liable for all resulting costs arising from the recovery, including commission which would be payable if the account is paid in full and legal costs including demand costs.


4. The customers monitoring service account may also be closed on, or soon after the end of business hours of the final acceptable date for payment. Payment for the outstanding debt will still be sought after, even if the monitoring service has been terminated.


5. Any account that is still outstanding once the next billing cycle commences for monitoring services, will result in a $15 late payment fee being added to your current invoice for the non payment of the previous invoice. Should payments for monitoring services be continually late and it is found that you have breached our grace period on three (3) consecutive occasions, then Intervision Security may also impose a flat rate increase of 10% of the cost of your monitoring service to future monitoring services invoices, and will only consider removing the increase, after it is proved that payments are now being received by the due date. Any flat rate increase imposed will not defer, delay or stop late payment fees being applied for continued breaches of our terms & conditions as set out here.


6. The customer is free to cancel their monitoring service at any time, but there are no refunds given for cancelling your monitoring service before the end of the period that you have paid in advance for. Your monitoring service will be terminated on midnight of the last day of your preferred billing period that you have selected. Monitoring services will only be cancelled immediately if the customer requests it.


7. Intervision Security may seek reimbursement for monitoring services provided to any customer who has chosen to terminate their monitoring service and has not paid in advance for it, but has used and enjoyed a substantial period of the service, during the usual billing period that the customer should have already paid for. The amount sought from any customer who has used and enjoyed a substantial period of the service, will be calculated using the day rate of $1.10 inc GST / day, for the period in question, plus any collection fees and or commissions due. Example: Should the customer choose to cancel their monitoring service on 26th February and have paid in advance for the service as required by these Terms & Conditions for the period January to March, then there will be no refund applicable to the customer for the remainder of the period in question, but the customer will still receive monitoring services until midnight on 31st March, when their monitoring services will then be terminated. Using the same dates and billing periods as just shown, should the customer choose to cancel their monitoring service and be found to be in arrears, or to have not paid for their monitoring service in advance as required by these Terms & Conditions, then Intervision Security will terminate the customers monitoring service effective immediately and seek reimbursement for the outstanding period that service has been provided to the customer, using the rate of $1.10 per day (57 Days x $1.10 = $62.70) plus Debt collection fees and or commissions.


8. Undisputed receipt and acceptance of an invoice from Intervision Security will be taken to confirm that you have acknowledged receipt of these Terms and Conditions and that you accept and will abide by them. Any dispute of an invoice that you receive from Intervision Security needs to be made aware to us not more than 30 days from the date as shown on the invoice in dispute.


10. A copy of these Terms & Conditions can be found on our website




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