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Security with Vision

You know, we've learnt over the years that there's an awful lot of people out there that will call you up and waste your time.

When we're out on a job (maybe your job), we don't want to have to be wasting our time with unnecessary phone calls. We also don't want to loose contact with the people who are important to us. You, our customers.

That's why we have instigated a phone policy. If you want to get in touch with anybody from Intervision Security, then call the Mobile. It is our Primary contact point.

041 110 2027

Do Not Call our office number! If you still have that on file somewhere, throw it out. If you want to speak to us, call the Mobile. Truth be known, we don't actually have a working telephone connected to our office line anymore... and we like it that way. We find that more and more of our customers are relying solely on their mobiles for communication, and we have gone the same way.


If you're unable to get through to us on our Primary Number, it could be because we're.... asleep, having breakfast, having lunch, having dinner, snacking, brushing our teeth, in the bathroom, driving, doing a quote, doing a job, on a roof, in a roof, under a house, up a ladder, on a training course, refuelling the car, reloading the car, already on the phone talking to customers, giving technical advice, talking to suppliers, talking to family, talking to friends, at the movies, at the football, at the basketball, playing basketball, playing golf, playing football, socialising with family and friends, taking a break, on holidays ........ Need we go on?!

A lot of the reasons we've listed here are probably the same reasons you use when people are unable to contact you. So if you've gone to the trouble of calling us, and we've been unable to answer your call (for one of the above reasons), then please leave a message, because we will not return a missed call without a message.

When you leave your message, please include,

1. Your Name.

2. Your Number.

3. And the Reason for your call.

Only leaving 2 of the 3 requested items will NOT guarantee a return call. Leave ALL three and we will call you back as soon as we can to help you with your security related enquiry.

If, however, you don't want to call us, then that's fine too. Whatever method you use to communicate with us, will be the same method that we will use to communicate back to you.

If you speak to us, we will speak to you. If you email us, we will email you back. If you text/SMS us, we'll text/SMS you as well.


There's Facebook, too.


That's pretty much it for contacting us. We don't bite :-)


We look forward to hearing from you soon.