DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Panel

Power, and maybe a telephone point, is all that you need to start securing your home, or office, or other, with the Alexor alarm panel. DSC's wireless alarm panel.

Everything talks to it wirelessly. Everything! The Keypad, Sirens, Detectors, everything.

If you thought that you couldn't have security at a certain spot because you couldn't get a cable to it, we can now say to you, that things have changed significantly.

DSC Alexor PC9155

Traditionally, alarm panel control boxes get tucked away somewhere out of view, and you can do that with this unit too if you like. But this is not ugly to look at. It's not huge and it does have it's own in-built siren.

The Alexor just needs a power point and telephone socket. If you've got those two things next to each other somewhere, then you're easily on your way to protecting your premises with the Alexor.

Alexor WT5500 Keypad

The Alexors wireless keypad looks just like all the hardwired keypads in the range. Great!

You won't have to learn another set of instructions to use this keypad. Got a DSC hardwired system and an Alexor installed in different properties? Approach either keypad and do exactly the same thing, exactly the same way. Keep it simple.

Place this anywhere you want. It can come with a desktop mount too, if you'd like it next to the bed.

External Siren

Place this anywhere you want too.

Completely wireless. Tamper protected. LOUD.

Siren & strobe combination external siren box.

Internal Siren

This is the internal siren. Because the main panel has it's own in-built siren, this unit is optional.

We recommend that if you don't like the look of the Alexor panel, and you do want it hidden away in a wardrobe somewhere, that you should have one of these units installed to overcome the lack of noise internally, now that the panels in-built siren has been muffled by being installed in a closed, confined space.

Once again, it can be mounted anywhere.