Alarm Panels & Keypads

DSC - Digital Security Systems - is our preferred brand of Security System.

We have been almost exclusively installing & servicing DSC alarm panels since 1998.

Our base model alarm panel is the PC1864 with the PK5501 Keypad.

DSC PC1864
DSC PK5501

A lot of our competitors will quote you the PC1616 model alarm panel, which is the slightly less featured model below the PC1864. We don't see the point in quoting that alarm panel. There's nothing wrong with it, don't get us wrong. It's just that we think the PC1864 is the better option.

If you install a PC1864 security system, you'll have an alarm panel that will grow with you. 8 Zones straight out of the box and expandable to a whopping 64 zones. If you ever want to expand your system in the future, you will not have to replace your alarm system. Just keep adding 8 zone expander cards and away you go. The PK5501 Keypad will not need replacing either. It's fully capable of handling the expansion of the system out to the full 64 zones.

And those 64 zones can also be a combination of hard-wired & wireless detection devices too. You can add a wireless receiver to the system at a later date, or plan for it right from the start with a receiver in-built in the RFK5501 keypad.

The PC1864 can be a Local alarm. Set up for Private Dial contact to you. Monitored to a central monitoring station. Or even connected to an Envislink IP Communicator for remote Arming/Disarming and notifications that will work for you anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection to your phone.

The PC1864 is ideal for residential and small to medium commercial premises.

You cannot go wrong with a DSC PC1864 alarm panel. Nothing is more future proofed for growth.

This is our standard everyday keypad that we quote on alarm systems up to 16 zones in size.

It also comes in a wireless receiver option (RFK5501) that allows wireless detectors and keyfobs to be installed along side your hard-wired detectors, giving you total flexibilty to achieve everything you need in your alarm system.

DSC PK5500

The bigger the alarm system, the easier you need it to be for you to use, and that is where DSC's Alpha Keypad comes into it's own.

We recommend this keypad on alarm systems that are larger than 16 zones. This keypad displays text, not just numbers and symbols.

Instead of having to guess where zone 31 is, this keypad will display (for example) Upstairs Bedroom 3.


The cream of the crop is the DSC Touchscreen LCD Keypad.

For those of you who prefer the elegance and simplicity of a touchscreen interface, this is the keypad that will satisfy your needs.

Once again, this keypad will make the larger alarm installations, simply childs play, but just like all of the keypads on this page, it will work on the simplest of systems as well.