About Us

Intervision Security has been providing quality Electronic Alarm & CCTV Systems across the entire Perth area and beyond since 1998 and now we're in Melbourne as well.

Whether it be a simple alarm system or a full perimeter system, we can do it. From a comfy 3 bedroom home to an apartment or a mansion, we can do it.

General surveillance CCTV systems to multiple camera systems, we can do it.

Covert, Infrared, Vandal Resistant, Remote viewing, we can do it.

DSC, Digital Security Controls, is our preferred alarm product. We're so impressed by it, that we offer an additional 12 months warranty on top of the manufacturers warranty to give you a 2 year warranty on any new DSC alarm system supplied and installed by us.


Our Primary DSC alarm panel is the PC1864. We also have fully Wireless options from DSC, Yale, Vesta and Risco. These panels can be great for no phone line situations, but where there is an internet connection via a router or modem.


The DSC NEO panel is in our arsenal as well, for those times when you need a bit of everything perhaps, over an unusual or large area or premises.

We also have IP Communicators that can be retro fitted to most DSC 832 & 864 Alarm panels that use the internet for communication, so you can get rid of that phone line and also get some functionality via your smart phone.

From a CCTV point of view, we use and recommend, TVT, Hikvision, Dahua, FLIR & NUUO. Each has it's own role from small homes and offices to huge commercial settings. All networkable and able to be viewed remotely.

Whilst we've just mentioned our preferred products, we're quite familiar with most of the other popular brands of systems and usually have the expertise to help you with any problems that you may be experiencing. So if you've got questions about Ness Pro LD, Pro LX, D(X) range. Ademco Vista, Honeywell Vista. Hills Reliance, NX, DL. Bosch, Solution, EDM. Paradox, Magellan & Spectra, then give us a call.


Plus, if we're not quite sure, we have the contacts to call for technical support, or we believe that we can most likely find someone who can help you. We don't like to keep people hanging if they have a problem. If we can't help you ourselves, we'll try and find someone who can.


Security is not about our peace of mind, it's about yours. We are here to help as best that we can. Give us a go. You've got nothing to lose by calling Intervision Security.


The content on our website has been completely developed entirely in-house, and it's a work in progress.

It my never be the flashiest website that you'll ever visit, but we hope that it will be one of the more helpful websites that you'll visit.

Our website is our silent employee. We hope our silent employee here can help you now, but if not, then perhaps in the future, with any questions that you may have about security.

Please have a good look around. Let us know if there's anything that you don't like or doesn't make sense. We would be happy to get the feedback.